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Kermit Shows Alcohol Vs Marijuana Weed Memes

Kermit Alcohol vs Marijuana Debate

Kermit Weed Memes | Kermit Muppet Marijuana Memes | Alcohol Vs Weed Memes | Stoner Kermit Pics

Kermit from the Muppets shows the difference between Alcohol vs Weed.

Alcohol vs Weed

Legal vs Illegal

Alcohol vs Weed. One is legal. The other illegal in most places. One makes you exhale your guts while the other lets you enjoy inhaling pizza. Kermit from the Muppets visually demonstrates perfectly the alcohol vs marijuana debate in this funny Kermit the Frog weed meme. Support legalization of cannabis and common sense reform to our laws on cannabis and alcohol.


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