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Cannabis Legalization Reduces Alcohol Consumption Marijuana Is Safer Weed Memes

Cannabis Reduces Alcohol Consumption Weedmemes

Legalizing Cannabis Cuts Alcohol Consumption Facts | Weed Is Safer Than Alcohol Pics | Truth About Weed Memes | Stoner Kermit The Frog Memes

We all know weed is safer than alcohol. It would be good pubic policy to encourage substitution of alcohol with marijuana. Legalizing cannabis does just that!

Recent study by University of Connecticut and Georgia State University states: “We find that the legalization of medical marijuana reduces alcohol consumption. We find consistent evidence across different specifications and alcohol products (i.e. alcohol in general, beer and wine). States legalizing medical marijuana use experience significant decrease in the aggregate sales of alcohol, beer and wine. Moreover, the effects are not short lived, with significant reductions observed up to 24 months after the passage of the law.” (Full text can be viewed here: “Helping Settle the Marijuana and Alcohol Debate: Evidence from Scanner Data“)

Stoner Kermit knows the truth as he has given up passing out and getting run over from drinking alcohol to being happy and at peace with legal cannabis in this Weed cuts Alcohol Consumption meme.

Before cannabis legalizaiton

After cannabis legalization

Study shows legalization “significantly” reduces alcohol consumption.

Weed will always be safer for your mind, body, and health than alcohol! Even President Obama agrees that weed is less harmful to the individual consumer than liquor.

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