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President Obama has said he smoked pot frequently as a young man and that he doesn’t think weed is any more dangerous than alcohol. Is President Obama our first pothead president? Enjoy the Top Ten Obama Smokes Weed Memes 2015 and see if there’s been a bigger pothead president than Obama!

I HAVE A DREAM – Best Obama Weed Memes

Obama has a dream of weed and bong in every home for the people!

I have a dream obama meme

I SMELL… WEED – Top Ten Obama Pot Smoking Memes

Obama smells weed and it is no doubt the good shit because he is the president of the country with the best weed! Check out the best Obama weed memes!

I smell weed obama memes

YEA I SMOKE BLUNTS – Best Funny Obama Weed Memes

Obama smokes blunts. Fuck u thought? Funny Obama weed memes and pot smoking memes.

Obama Smokes Blunts Weed Memes




Obama our first pothead president! He smoked weed as a young man and often but it didn’t ruin  his life. Exact opposite! He became the first black president of the US even after admitting that he inhaled! Fuck u thought??

Obama Smoke weed Become President

OBAMA HERB HEALING OF A NATION – Best Top Ten Obama Weed Memes

Obama is Marley reincarnate and he says Herb is the healing of the nation so smoke and blaze and be free! Free your mind for the best Obama weed smoking memes at weedmemes.com!

Obama Healing of Nation Weed Meme



WAR ON DRUGS FAILED – Best Obama Weed Quote Memes

We all know the war on drugs has done nothing but line the pockets of drug cartels and the prison system. Obama had the guts to says it because he knows weed is no worse than alcohol!

Obama Drug War Failure Weed Meme



YES WE CANNNABIS – Top 10 Obama weed Memes

Obama says legalise! Yes we can-nnabis! War on drugs has failed. Let’s legalize and put the funds to use in actually helping people get treatment instead of driving underground with threats of prosecution and jail time! Yes We Cannabis!

Obama Yes we cannabis Memes



OBAMA CARICATURE – Best Obama Weed Memes

Obama smoking a joint.

Obama Caricature Joint Weed Memes

OBAMA SAYS DON’T BOGART THAT JOINT – Top Ten Funny Obama Marijuana Memes

Always pass to the left and never ever bogart the joint my friend says President Obama! Obama memes for puff puff pass to the left.

Obama Dont Bogart Joint Pot Memes

DOPE – Best President Obama Smoke Joint Weed Memes

Check out the best Top 10 President Obama weed and smoke weed joint memes of 2015. Obama is the best chance we will have at getting weed legalize so weed memes!

Obama Dope Weed Memes


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