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Weed Is Safer Than Football Or Beer Marijuana Policy Billboard Pic

Weed Safer Football Beer Billboard

Weed Is Safer Than Football Billboard | Legalize Marijuana Signs | Cannabis vs Beer Pics | Marijuana Legalization Memes

Truth about weed on a “Marijuana Is Safer Than Beer or FootballMarijuana Policy billboard. Weed is safer than almost everything around us! Support freedom to grow and use a naturally occurring plant.

Weed vs Beer vs Football

No one has every died from a cannabis overdose! Same can’t be said about beer or football. Weed haters want people to believe marijuana is dangerous while they push their kids into a sport that is known to crush brains! And then when the injured try to use medical marijuana to alleviate the pain, they are then branded a criminal!

End the insanity by supporting removal of cannabis as a Schedule 1 “drug” and legalization of a Mother Nature’s plant.

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