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Grow Your Own Weed Memes

Grow Weed Smoke Love Memes

Grow Weed Memes | Smoke Marijuana Memes | Grow Your Own Weed Memes

Grow the weed you love

Love the weed you smoke

Smoke the weed you love

Love the weed you grow

Growing weed shouldn’t be controlled by laws! Imagine if the government suddenly told you you couldn’t grow flowers? vegetables?

Cannabis has many known and yet to be discovered uses in treating and even curing illnesses.

Why is it legal when there are thousands of plants in the wild that can kill from ingestion? How ludicrous would it be for the government to say all poisonous plants are now illegal? Ridiculousness of it all is where we are at with regards to “legality” of marijuana. Vote people into office who understand this concept!

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