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Weed vs Alcohol vs Cocaine vs Meth Match Diagrams Weed Memes

Weed Alcohol Cocaine Meth Compare

Weed vs Alcohol vs Cocaine vs Meth Compare | Weed Is Safer 420 Memes | Marijuana vs Drugs and Alcohol Comparison | Funny Stoner Test

Weed is safer than alcohol, cocaine, or meth by far! Check out this stoner 420 test to see if you know the risks of those drugs in this weed vs alcohol vs cocaine vs meth comparison.

Match the diagrams.

Weed, Alcohol, Cocaine, Meth

The only risk of smoking weed is watching too much TV! Support sensible laws on cannabis and bring common sense back in our criminal justice system!

And enjoy the best weed is safer memes and marijuana vs alcohol comparisons at

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