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420 Weed Video Price Right

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Stoner gets on Price Is Right bids 420 on everything! Watch this funny weed video as a true stoner gets on The Prices Is Right and proceeds to bid 420 on everything. Bob Barker doesn’t know what to think in this pothead humor video clip when one of his Price Is Right contestants is obviously stoned and enjoying the 420 spotlight!

Stoner Quote from the “Stoner Gets on The Price Is Right, bids 420 on everything!funny weed video clip:

I waited all my life to say this Bob,


The stoner continues bidding a variation of 420 for the entire show. It’s just too bad that they didn’t bring out a big sack of dank weed to bid on!

Watch the reaction of the lady next to him as he bids 420 on everything! Hilarious stoner 420 video for you to enjoy when it’s 420!

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