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Batman Slapping Robin Pass The Blunt Weed Memes

Batman Slapping Robin Weedmemes

Batman & Robin Weed Memes | Batman Slapping Robin Marijuana Memes | Pass The Blunt Memes | Funny Weed Memes

Batman Slaps Robin Weed Meme

Robin: And so Catwoman told me I was …

Batman: Enough Catwoman stories bitch. Pass the blunt.

Batman demonstrates how sometimes you just gotta bitch slap the bitch telling stories about his crush, while holding the blunt in this funny Batman Slaps Robin Pass the Blunt Meme. If you’re going to tell a story, puff puff pass and wait until everyone is blazed to enjoy your crush stories. Of just STFU and chill with some Batman & Robin Weed Memes and Funny Pass the Blunt Memes at for Funny Marijuana Memes

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