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Obi Wan Kenobi & Luke As Cheech & Chong Weed Memes

Obi Wan Tommy Chong Weedmemes

Obi Wan Weed Memes | Star Wars Spoof Marijuana Memes | Star Wars Force Awakens Stoner Humor | Funny Movie Spoof Pothead Memes

Obi Wan has a fail proof plan he came up with while stoned on weed.

Luke, we will sneak about the Death Star

Disguised as Cheech & Chong

Obi Wan Kenobi’s plan to get aboard the Death Star sounds like a pretty good one in this funny Obi Wan Star Wars Spoof Marijuana Meme. Tommy Chong is the Ambassador of Peace for the stoner generation. No one would suspect a thing disguised as Cheech & Chong, except maybe guard their refrigerators. Get the best funny Star Wars Spoof Weed Memes, Obi Wan Stoner Humor, and Cheech & Chong Memes.

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