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Waiting for the Weedman 15 Minutes Away Marijuana Memes

Waiting Weedman 15 Minutes Meme

Waiting for the Weedman Memes | Funny Pothead Humor | Weedman 15 Minutes Away Memes | Stoner Pics

Weedman 15 minutes turns into hours in this funny weed meme about waiting for the weed man!

Weedman: I’m 15 minutes away.

…Weedman: I’m 15 minutes away…

……Weedman: I’m 15 minutes away…

………Weedman: I’m 15 minutes away…

Waiting for the weed man is a time honored tradition for all stoners! He will be there in 15 minutes! The internet’s source for the best weed memes!

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