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Hulk Smokes Blunt Change To Dr. Banner Weed Memes

Hulk Smoke Blunt Weedmemes

Hulk Weed Memes | Smoke Blunt Memes | Stoner Hulk Marijuana Comics | Funny Stoner Humor Cartoons

The Hulk smoking blunt to transform into Dr. Bruce Banner.



Dr. Banner has found the answer at last!

A blunt a day keeps the hulkster away.

All these years that Dr. Bruce Banner has been searching for the cure for his Hulkster condition. It turns out marijuana is also cures Hulksterism in this Hulk Smoking Blunt Stoner Humor Weed Comics. Cannabis is God’s plant that brings love and peace along with cures for many treatment resistant medical conditions. Support the legalization for marijuana and medical marijuana in your state.

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