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Know Your Pothead Weed Comics & Stoner Memes

Know your pothead -

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Everyone’s talking about marijuana legalization

It’s time to…

Know your potheads

The Pundit who did it in school and is above it now….ho ho, silly old me!

The Ron Paul Fan…End the drug war! and the Fed..and the Civil Rights Act!

Medically Licensed….Booyah!

The NORML Normal….Come with me to Amsterdam tonight on PBS!

The Incarcerated…Oddly enough, Not White…Sigh..

Smoking weed cross all socioeconomic lines! From Presidents to Prisoners of the Drug War to Medical Patients! Weed is all good for all! With states legalizing cannabis, it’s time to get to know your potheads with the best pothead memes and stoner memes.

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