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420 Meme The Office Day Off Corporate Planning Funny Weed Memes

420 Meme Office Off Work

420 Meme | Funny Day Off On 4/20 Memes | The Office Weed Memes | 4/20 Stoner’s Holiday Pics

Get ready for 4/20 with this funny request day off on 4/20 meme. The Office’s Boss Michael Scott is doing some corporate planning for 4/20 by taking account of who will be off work on the stoner’s holiday.

Corporate Planning

4/20 Schedule

Are you planning to take the day off for this year’s 2018 4/20? Plan ahead with some planning with your boss and co-workers to make it the best 420 ever!

Happy 420 from all of us at, the source for the best 420 memes and funny weed memes.

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