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Garfield Stress Test Ran Out Of Weed Once Funny Cartoon Weed Memes

Garfield Stress Test Weed Memes

Garfield Weed Memes | Funny Cartoon Marijuana Memes | Stress Test Out Of Weed Memes | Garfield Stoner Cartoon

Garfield once lived through a rough stressful period as he talks about that one time he ran out of weed! Cartoon weed memes stress out of weed humor.

My doctor asked me if I ever had a stress test. “Yes” I replied. “I ran out of weed once”.

Every stoner knows the feeling of being out of weed and it’s a stressful time, especially if you are waiting on the weed man! For many, those nightmares are over as more states move to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use.

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