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Will You Quit Weed For Me Funny Marijuana Meme

Quit Weed For Me Memes

Quit Weed For Me Memes | Girlfriend vs Weed Memes | Stoner Love Memes | Funny Pothead Memes

Stoner Love Girlfriend vs Weed Memes

Will you quit weed for me?
Yes I will
OMG I Love You!

…fuck out of here.

When you are pushed into a corner about smoking weed and forced to choose between your significant other and your girlfriend. You might say yes you will quit weed in the heat of the moment, but after you’ve had a chance to think about it, you gotta say to the girlfriend…fuck out of here! Love of Mary Jane is unconditional and forever lasting! Get the Best Funny Marijuana Memes at for Funny Marijuana Memes

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