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Gandalf LOTR Weed Supply Payday Marijuana Meme

Gandalf LOTR Weed Memes

Out of Weed Memes | Gandalf LOTR Movie Spoof Memes | Money for Weed Memes | Lord of the rings Weed Memes

Gandalf of Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit pondering deep thoughts…

2 Days supply of weed

6 Days til payday

Gotta call in some favors

Gandalf is almost out of weed but doesn’t have funds to re-up in this Lord of the Rings movie spoof marijuana meme. What do you do when the pocket’s hurtin’ and weed supply is getting dangerously low? Gotta call in those weed favors! Get the best funny movie spoof weed memes and celebrity smoking pot memes at

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