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Jimmy Fallon Marijuana Joke Car Parked Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon Marijuana Joke Weed vs Alcohol

Jimmy Fallon Marijuana Jokes | Tonight Show Weed Memes | Fallon on Weed Memes | Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Marijuana vs Alcohol Joke Meme

A new poll found that most Americans don’t think using marijuana is as dangerous as drinking alcohol. I can see that. I mean, if you drink, you could crash your car. But if you smoke weed, you’ll just forget where you parked.

We all know alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. Some of the leading health experts will tell you that they’d rather have their kids smoking weed than drinking alcohol. Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show made a joke about weed vs alcohol that pokes fun at the laws on marijuana. Get the best Jimmy Fallon weed memes at

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